Andrea Haddon- Bakersfield, CA. Customer since May 2012



We love your business and your beef! Thanks for all your efforts and hard work to get it to us!

Jameson Troussel- San Diego, CA Customer since January 2016

Don't change a thing! You're batting 1000%. I've even looked for faults, with none to be found. I wish life was like your company. Could you imagine how great it would all be? Keep up the fantastic work!

Peter & Josie Elefson- Pasadena, CA. Customer since Feb 2016

My family and I were very happy with our first order and enjoyed the tastiness of our products. Also, We were impressed with your customer service after receiving a follow-up phone call after receiving our first order. Lovely touches like this really stand out to consumers who value customer service. We are happy to support local businesses such as yours. =) Take care, Peter + Josie