Our grass-fed cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

They are raised to provide all the healthy benefits that grass-fed beef can provide such as:
At J and J, we believe it is important to offer both flexibility and consistency in our products. We are pleased to bring you the following base assortment of beef cuts and specialty preparations. We will also do our best to accommodate your custom orders for different cuts, thicknesses, packaging types, sizes, and delivery (if available in your area).


Traditional grilling steaks (including but not limited to) :
Filet Mignon . New York Strip . Rib Eye
Top Sirloin (Chateau Bryonne) . Spencer


These cuts are best utilized in the dry heat of the oven.
Petite Tenderloin . Standing Rib . Sirloin Tip


Best when slow cooked in water on the stove or in a roasting pot.
Boneless Shoulder . Top Blade . Top Round
Most large cuts from the Round & Chuck


You know what to do.
1-lb & 2-lbs pkgs. - Larger packages upon request
Prepared hamburger patties


Pre-marinade roasts & cuts available.
Stew Meat Chunks . Marrow Bones & Soup Shanks
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