J & J Grassfed beef has been founded with a vision for balance between three very delicate and important components of any sustainable agricultural idea.

#1 ) Stewardship-

Managing the resources under our care for personal and the benefit of others. J & J RangeLand Grass Fed Co. believes sustainability is the platform for good stewardship. "Generations to come should have the opportunity to enjoy all that has been entrusted to us." With this in mind, J & J recongnizes the importance of utilizing our resources in ways that build up the health of the animal as well as the environment. But stewardship is more than sustainability of resources as it relates to the environment. Good stuardship always aims to benefit those directly affected by the process. In this respect we believe all natural grassfed beef is a healthy, great tasting source for necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy diet.

#2 ) Quality-

Producing the highest quality and best tasting beef available year round. We believe that beef can be raised and finished utilizing natural grass and other forage based feeds to bring you not only great tasting beef but what science is confirming to be the healthiest beef available. Our animals are entirely grassfed start to finish, are never treated with growth hormones or steroids, never fed or administered antibiotics and remain in the J&J program. Cattle that graze on the highest quality forage have less stress, are healthier and produce the best tasting most tender and nutritious meat, period! We are uniquely positioned to provide cattle continuous grazing of succulent grass that is growing and flourishing year round. This means our outstanding grassfed beef will be available to you consistently with the same great quality and taste year round.

#3 ) Health-

Delivering the added health benefits of grassfed beef. Studies show that cattle fed and finished entirely on a natural grass and forage based diet are lower in fat, significantly higher in Omega 3's, CLA's (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and have increased levels of vitamin A and E. With these added benefits eating grassfed beef can help to prevent such chronic diseases as arthritis, heart disease and help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

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