We graze cattle and deliver product year round requiring a consistent supply to satisfy our quality standards and customer demand. Ideally we do this by utilizing the sunny southern CA valleys in the winter/spring and the cool northern CA coast during the winter and fall.  Cattle are processed in the same region as they are produced and distributed from our home location in Tehachapi. 

We do not use any pesticides or herbicides on the pastures and raise our cattle without the use of added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Vaccines are used to protect the herd and young stock from preventable and potentially devastating pathogens.

Due to costs and no viable, high quality processing option, J&J has kept its cattle in northern CA.   We continue to pursue production and processing here in southern CA and will return when our standards for quality and consistency can be met.

 “We choose to cope with a more difficult northern California year round production cycle and use our trusted processing partner than compromise quality or integrity.”  

Jay Shipman

Monthly delivery to 50+ drop locations in SoCal w/ home delivery to most areas.


J&J is also committed to expanding our grass-fed industry and capacity through production partner PB ranch and owner Peter Bussman! Peter is a long time friend and small pasture based rancher near us in Northern CA.  We are working together to grow, finish and market our J&J and PB cattle under our J&J label.   

Growing the grass-fed industry through awareness and helping others realize the benefits and value in pasture based ranching has always been a part of our vision here at J&J.  

Seeing this through is important to us and we are committed to expanding our growing and healthy industry. Thanks for your support! Without you this would not be possible.