Gym Delivery Program
'Incorporating the CSA into our facility has been an awesome addition...[clients can] come pick up their orders after they finish the WOD.' -Crossfit: No Boundaries

MEATS, VEGETABLES, NUTS & SEEDS, SOME, FRUIT, LITTLE STARCH, NO SUGAR As a CrossFit athlete you are making the choice to be healthy! Take the guessing game out of where to get your grass-fed beef by choosing our California, pasture raised, 100% grass-fed beef delivered right to your Box. With J&J's CSA gym delivery program we provide a freezer, you order on line, we deliver the same day each month. Workout then walkout with your J&J Grassfed Beef order customized to your liking. There are 6 packs to choose from along with all your favorites!

How It Works

Monthly Packs Start at just $55.00
Choose one of our 7 available packs.
Then add your favorite cuts to complete your order.

No Long Term Commitment!

Order only when you want!

Delivery is Free!
To our freezer at your gym or CSA location.
Same day and time each month.
Orders are labeled by name, easy to find, grab and go!

You Receive
Monthly email reminders to place your order.
Order confirmation email.

Individual receipts at pick up
Name on the bags.
Number of bags for pickup.
Itemized breakdown of order and total amount charged.

J&J monthly gym/CSA specials

What Gym Owners Are Saying
I have been ordering from J&J Grassfed Beef for over a year now and as a CrossFitter I am always looking to improve my diet and that of our athletes. Having J&J Grassfed Beef delivered directly to our gym, provides access to our clients that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve. We have been able to add a whole new dimension to our nutrition education, giving each athlete the chance to learn about the healthy benefits of grassfed beef. Jay has made this such a simple process for us. No one needs to worry about scheduling an extra stop in their already busy day. He gave us a freezer to store the beef when it is delivered so the clients can come pick up their orders after they finish the WOD. Incorporating the CSA into our facility has been an awesome addition. -Jeremy Illenberger | No Boundaries Athletics
The pickup went great. My members are loving the meat. Thanks again for such a great product!! -John Devitt | CrossFit Kalos Sthenos

Get Started

Find a pick up location near you, join our CSA to purchase online, or:

If you are a gym owner and would like more information, or if you do your work out at a great gym and you think your owner would like more information about our gym delivery program, please let us know! Fill out the contact form below, and we'll get back to you shortly. Thank you for your interest!

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