August 2016 Special & Customer Comment

We continue with our summer grilling specials offering our customer favorite Rib Eye Steak (bone out). It is dry aged, thick cut and comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 14 oz. This month they are 20% off with no limit.

J&J loves customer feedback.  Many of our program features have come from suggestions and comments from you. This year we have heard from many of you and appreciate the chance to improve our program through your suggestions.  Here is a comment from David one of our Santa Monica home delivery customers.

Hi, Elizabeth.  Thank you for contacting me.  First, I have to say my wife and I have loved your meat since the first day we bought it at the Santa Monica farmer's market.  Your steaks, ground beef, roasts, summer sausage, etc. all have such great depth of flavor.  The quality of the meat is also excellent.  It is perfectly marbled with beautiful texture.  While I miss buying your products at the farmer's market, I do enjoy the monthly home delivery.  The only time we have any other beef is when we go out to eat because, again, the quality and flavor are so good there is no reason to get anything else. 

One of our favorites is the flank steak.  I make a marinade with onions, orange juice or apple cider vinegar, beef or chicken stock, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, smoked paprika and a fresh jalapeno pepper (or three) - all to taste.  If I feel more spicy I add more, and less spicy I hold back just a little.  I let it soak for two days then put it on a hot BBQ grill (about 550 degrees) with a few pieces of hickory or cherry wood.  Seven or so minutes on each side - it comes out so good we'll eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Thanks again.  We look forward to the next shipment.