April 2015

We are excited to have rolled out our new site. It will provide updated and more relevant content for all interested and current customers and make it easier for us to keep things updated. We will be offering our shelf stable products like our 3 flavors of jerky ("Sweet" "Spicy" and "Original") and our summer sausage for purchase and shipping on the site soon as well.

April Neighborhood Delivery News
This month we have our first spring steak special and what a great steak to start with! The Filet Mignon is the most tender cut and a favorite of many. It is 20% off this month.  We are also offering the Cross Rib Roasts at 15% off and our usual bulk 50lb. boxes on special this month are 1lb. ground beef, short ribs, chuck roasts and knuckle bones. These are great to split or stock your own freezer!