Holiday Roasts and more.

This really is our favorite time of year around here. Tehachapi is turning cold and the leaves are falling plus special times with family and friends approach as we give thanks and celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

Here at J&J we love to serve all our customers as you feed your own family and friends this Holiday season. Choose one of our variety packs @ 10% off this month plus we have great specials on Chuck Roasts, Flat Iron Steaks and the Asian Style Short Ribs. These ribs are thin cut across the bone, work well on the grill , pan seared or quick broiled.

Prime Rib Roasts are available in 5 sizes: 2 lbs (1 bone), 3.5lbs+(2+ bone), 5.5lbs+(3 Bone), 7lbs+(4 bone) and 9.5lbs+(5+ Bones)

Tenderloin Roasts are available in half (2+lbs) or whole (4lbs) sizes.


Bratwurst Sausage-September Specials & Home Delivery Expansion

It's September, time for us to whip out our J&J Bratwurst sausage recipe for you too enjoy! Made with our grassfed beef, gluten free ingredients, all beef casings,  and without preservatives. 3 large sausages per resealable pack! No limit  

September Specials

*25% off Sir Loin Tip Steaks

* Rib Eye Steak Pack save 15% (2-1lb ground beef and 4-10oz Rib Eye Steaks)

We have expanded our Home Delivery options to include most delivery days and routes.  To change to Home Delivery just log into your account, click "my account" and change locations. Look for your county and the delivery description nearest you.  Delivery fee is $10 per drop.  Your delivery day will be the same as your current host location (in most instances) and you will receive your scheduled delivery time 24 to 48 hours ahead of delivery. If you have any questions call Elizabeth at 661.972.7888

August 2016 Special & Customer Comment

We continue with our summer grilling specials offering our customer favorite Rib Eye Steak (bone out). It is dry aged, thick cut and comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 14 oz. This month they are 20% off with no limit.

J&J loves customer feedback.  Many of our program features have come from suggestions and comments from you. This year we have heard from many of you and appreciate the chance to improve our program through your suggestions.  Here is a comment from David one of our Santa Monica home delivery customers.

Hi, Elizabeth.  Thank you for contacting me.  First, I have to say my wife and I have loved your meat since the first day we bought it at the Santa Monica farmer's market.  Your steaks, ground beef, roasts, summer sausage, etc. all have such great depth of flavor.  The quality of the meat is also excellent.  It is perfectly marbled with beautiful texture.  While I miss buying your products at the farmer's market, I do enjoy the monthly home delivery.  The only time we have any other beef is when we go out to eat because, again, the quality and flavor are so good there is no reason to get anything else. 

One of our favorites is the flank steak.  I make a marinade with onions, orange juice or apple cider vinegar, beef or chicken stock, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, smoked paprika and a fresh jalapeno pepper (or three) - all to taste.  If I feel more spicy I add more, and less spicy I hold back just a little.  I let it soak for two days then put it on a hot BBQ grill (about 550 degrees) with a few pieces of hickory or cherry wood.  Seven or so minutes on each side - it comes out so good we'll eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Thanks again.  We look forward to the next shipment.



New for May "Pre-Planned" Starter Packs

We are offering 2 "Pre-Planned" Starter Packs this month which can be found in our J&J Base Packs tab.  By letting you know what cuts are in the pack we hope to help your meal planning and create more usable and uniform orders for your family.

Choose from the

-Brisket/New York/Ground Starter


-Cross rib/Rib eye/Ground  Starter (Note: these are not included in the 10% off Pack Special)

Also this month:

Top Sirloin and Church Steak specials


Our Garlic Basil Sausage is back!

April Grilling Special! Porterhouse/T-Bone

April means our grilling specials have returned!  From April through October we will offer at least 1 steak on special every month. This months starts with one of our most popular the Porterhouse or T Bone.

Cut from the Tender and Strip Loins this steak combines bone in flavor, tender texture of the Fillet and the perfect bite and flavor of the New York (Strip Loin) Steak. The Porterhouse and the T Bone are the same cut with the difference being the size of the Fillet portion of the Steak. The Porterhouse will have a larger piece of Fillet and the T Bone the smaller portion.

These will sell out fast so hurry and order yours today!

New "Asian Style" Short Ribs and Recipe.

I (Jay) have had the blessing of visiting many countries around the world to offer advice to local farmers on how to get better at what they do. One of my favorite trips was to South Korea where one evening after a long day in the fields we sat down at a "Gogigui" (or Korean BBQ) restaurant for some "Galbi" (for us marinated beef short ribs).  This was my first experience with the cut, Korean style marinade and who doesn't love eating the beef right off the grill at your table! (Korean style BBQ often uses a small grill at the table to cook the meat.)  

Here in the States we are more familiar with the "English Style" short ribs. Cut with the bone and left as thick pieces. They are mostly used in slow cooking recipes using a crock pot, oven or smoker.  

"Asian" or "Korean Style" short ribs are cut across the bone and sliced thin, take a marinade very well and can be seared quickly on the grill, broiler or even pan fried.

For March 2016 we have cut a box of "Asia" style short ribs for you to try. Packs are 1.25lbs to 1.75lbs and contain 6 to 8 thin slices of ribs. 

We know it is not grilling season everywhere but if you love this cut like we do, you will brave any weather to enjoy them!...or just cook 'em' inside.

Here is our favorite "Korean Style" marinade recipe. Enjoy! (Adapted from

1 cup Soy Sauce

¾ cup water

3 tablespoon white vinegar

1/3 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons white sugar

1 tablespoons black pepper

1 tablespoon of Sesame oil

¼ cup minced garlic

½ large yellow onion

3 lbs (2 packs) of J&J Grassfed “Asian Style” Short Ribs

Combine ingredients in a non-metallic bowl and whisk until sugars are dissolved. Use bowl or plastic bag and submerge ribs in marinade. Marinate in fridge for minimum of 7 hours but we have done them for as long as 24. Take out and let ribs come to room temperate,  sear over medium heat. 

Order Only What You Want!- **New J&J Neighborhood Delivery Policy!

In January and February 2016 many of you have taken advantage of our "order only what you want" option for your J&J orders. We are excited to extend this as a new policy with the minimum order of $65.00

 We have never been your "normal" CSA or delivery program, having no prepayment requirement or seasonal commitments and offering the most reliable pick up with freezers at each host location.  Now we are taking our customer service to a new level by offering more flexibility and options for your monthly orders! Need 10 steaks for a party, having a special dinner for a friend…no problem. We will custom pack our CA raised, 100% grassfed beef for you!

J&J Packs will continue to be available at a discount off retail pricing and a la carte items can be added to your order.  Our packs are a fast and easy way to get a variety of cuts at great prices without having to scroll through our entire menu. The choice is yours! 

We will also continue to offer monthly cut and bulk box specials.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you and your family with our beef!



Elizabeth Stephens- the newest member of the J&J Team!

In the middle of our delivery cycle. Thanks to all our customers for your orders and to our hosts, gyms and business's that facilitate our customer pick ups.

Wanted to introduce you to Elizabeth Stephens the newest member of the J&J team. She and her husband James were some of our original customers from the South Pasadena Farmers Market and now host our north Pasadena drop location.  Elizabeth joined the team in November and is working in customer service and marketing.  She and I will be working together to bring you relevant content in our weekly blog posts.

We will begin to use the blog forum to post new recipe's, customer comments, stories, monthly specials, photos, news and more....

Join me in welcoming Elizabeth to the J&J team.

April 2015

We are excited to have rolled out our new site. It will provide updated and more relevant content for all interested and current customers and make it easier for us to keep things updated. We will be offering our shelf stable products like our 3 flavors of jerky ("Sweet" "Spicy" and "Original") and our summer sausage for purchase and shipping on the site soon as well.

April Neighborhood Delivery News
This month we have our first spring steak special and what a great steak to start with! The Filet Mignon is the most tender cut and a favorite of many. It is 20% off this month.  We are also offering the Cross Rib Roasts at 15% off and our usual bulk 50lb. boxes on special this month are 1lb. ground beef, short ribs, chuck roasts and knuckle bones. These are great to split or stock your own freezer!